Shana and Patrick

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Our Story

Shana and Patrick met on a Portland summer night in 2014 and started visiting each other during the fall of 2014. Through sleet, traffic and snow, they spent weekends traveling between Boston and Portland to spend time together and soon fell in love.
Shana, a native Mainer and beach lover, insisted he learn to love lobster and showed him how to properly eat one without making too big of a mess. Patrick, born in New Haven, taught her how to ski and how to correctly pronounce apizza (“ah-beetz”). Living together at last, Patrick pretended he knew how to drive a moped and brought Shana to the cliffs of Block Island where he proposed in June 2020. They now invite you to celebrate their love in the state where it all began.
Get vaxxed and put on your dancing shoes.
Nicoletta Savod